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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  February 9, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> geraldo: live and at large in new york central park with a tale of two storms on opposite ends of the country. in the northeast, it is the blizzard of 2013. as we dig out from record amounts of snow that shut down
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the entire states of massachusetts and connecticut. canceling flights and rail service. stranding travelers. and leaving hundreds of thousands without power. >> this has been a record-breaking storm with snowfalls reported as great as 38-inches. >> geraldo: in the southwest, hurricane dorner. the disruption and widespread epidemic of fear fueled by the killing rampage of a fugitive ex-l.a. cop. a navy veteran and weapons expert who after killing three is still at large despite an intense manhunt that stretches from l.a. to san diego to big bear mountain and beyond. >> dorner is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. onlineed by the online manifesto alleging that his career as a cop was undone by racism. even as most condemn the murders some remember rodney
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king, the o.j. simpson murder trial and the troubled relations between copses and te black community. most agree the lapd has changed since the old days and it is not racism but brutal murder. >> when you have something of this nature, someone who is highly trained and highly capable, having been a police officer in the past. having had prior military experience who made threats that you have all read about in the manifeste we take this seriously. >> we will be live from l.a.p.d. head quarters later in the show. we begin tonight with the aftermath of the blizzard that caused massive disruption from new jersey to maine. the massachusetts coast getting hit especially hard with dangerous beach erosion from massive waves and flooding that required rescues of people and animals and sub merged vehicles in icy water.
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today as sunshine brought out skiers in new york city and led to a snowball fight at harvard yard a few miles one way report other determined how badly you got hit by the storm. >> i think it is fair to say that we were very lucky. the storm brought plenty of snow, about a foot in a lot of area of new york city. but we certainly avoid the worst of it and our thoughts go out to the people in connecticut and rhode island, massachusetts, new hampshire, vermont, and maine. >> geraldo: welcome live, everybody, to new york central park where the blizzard of 2013 was little more than an inconvenience. even fun for most folks around here especially since it happened on the weekend. as they say in new york city real estate your storm experience was all about location, location, location. and the location we start with tonight is the fox weather center and marina molina. is it all over but the digging?
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>> thanks for having me. pretty much the worst location as far as snowfall accumulation was a town in connecticut that picked up 40 inches of know from the last nor'easter. incredible amounts of snow not just in this particular city but surrounding areas across the state of connecticut picked up 30 inches of snow. more than 3 feet for many location. reports of more than 20 inches of snow widespread across the state of massachusts. new boston a town in new hampshire picked up 30.4 inches of snow. portland set a record in the state of maine. the snowiest storm they have seen so far. and boston did also set a record. the fifth snowiest snowstorm into their area. a record-setting snowstorm already impacted portions of the northeast throughout the overnight hours and ended as late as right now because we are still seeing a couple of snow showers finally winding down across portions of the cape in massachusetts. we also saw incredible wind
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from the last storm system. wind gusts over 80 miles per hour across connecticut, massachusetts. in bangor maine picked up a wind gust of 75 miles per hour. we are talking hurricane force winds across portions of the northeast and a big trouble out here that we will be facing into the overnight hours tonight and into early sunday morning is that many people are without power across the area. and it is going to get very cold out here. take a look at some of these windchill temperatures across portions of the northeast. in new york city tonight, you will be looking at windchill temperatures in the single digits. that is a story as well across long island. in massachusetts, below zero windchill temperatures. through tomorrow morning. so many of you are going have to deal with this without any heat in your homes. please be safe and keep this in mind if you are headed outdoors you really got to bundle up because when it starts to basically, when we start to erepublican temperatures below zero we are talking dangerously cold out there with frostbite and hypothermia becoming concerns. high temperatures heading into
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monday dramatically warmer. that means fast snow melt. into the 40s, very warm. also rain on monday so that will speed things up as far as snow melt and that could be an issue as far as flooding across the area. geraldo, i want to touch upon a brand new storm system across fox portions of the north central. wizard watches in enext. wind gusts in excess of 40 miles per our out here. and severe weather possible tonight across texas, oklahoma. tornadoes possible. damaging wind gusts. large hail. and severe weather risk does expand eastward as we head into tomorrow. >> geraldo: maria, thank you very much. we will be looking for the next set of snowstorm. thank you. >> thanks. >> geraldo: the blizzard of 2013 came on the 35th anniversary of a killer storm that claimed over 100 lives. but this time around travel restrictions that kept cars off the roads in new england are being credited with saving lives.
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still, some died. fox news correspondent molly line is with us from hard-hit boston. hi, molly. what is the situation now? >> hi, geraldo. you were talking about that travel ban that was nut place by the governor by executive order ordering everyone off the roads yesterday as of 4:00 p.m. now, people are allowed to travel again as of 4:00 today. the governor feels that that did save lives, keeping all nonessential vehicles off the road. prevented a lot of the fatal car crashes that we so often see in the storms with the big wind and big snow. unfortunately, the fatalities happened today after the storm had pretty much cleared the area and people were going out to dig and get their vehicles out of the massive amount of of snowfall that we are seeing here. a young boy was out helping his father clean out the vehicle. their family sedan. and he had gotten cold and asked if he could hop in the passenger seat for a little while and dad had him hop in and get warm but unfortunately the exhaust pipe hadn't been cleared out from the snow yet
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and carbon monoxide backed up into the vehicle. the young child passed out and they were not able to rereceive him and ultimately he passed away. that happened with another man in boston. there was a man that was found dead new hampshire his car. that is a concern authorities want to raise awareness about carbon monoxide. as people are out of power in their homes they may decide to go out and charge the phones in the cars or go out to get warm in the vehicles. that is a big danger. even in your home hes to ensure that none of the vents in your house are blocked by snow and make sure that your family is safe. some of the other dangers they are concerned about are downed wires. there are hundreds of thousands of people still without power and while the utilities expect that in the coming 24-48 hours and the coming three days or so they will be steadily working to get the power turned back on now that the winds have died down there could be downed power lines. with this much snow you may not necessarily know what is
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underneath the four and five foot drifts tharpent here just 24 hours ago. that is another concern that the authorities have. and then fee haley there is flooding. they -- finally there is flooding. they want people to be aware in the low lying coastal area to be careful because of the storm surges that left quite a bit of water on the streets. geraldo? >> geraldo: we know, ladies and gentlemen, that amtrak will begin service again tomorrow and logan airport there in boston, boston has been kind of cut off from the world. that airport they announced earlier would have at least one runway open by around 11:00 eastern time. before we bring you folks the latest on the massive man hunt on southern, california's big bear mountain for christopher dorner the renegade killer cop still on the loose, up next why i think accused killer jodi has already beaten the death penalty. that's next. target is in sight.
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>> geraldo: welcome back live to new york central park. if a few minutes we will be live to los angeles with the latest on the extraordinary manhunt for that cop killing ex-cop. first, though, we will go to arizona and the provocative testimony by the defendant jodi arias in her capital murder case. >> did you you kill travis alexander on june 4, 2008? >> yes, i did. >> jodi arias has bee is the notorious 32-year-old fighting to save herself from the death penalty. >> i was conditionfy dent no jury would convict me because i planned to be dead. >> accusing the man she butchered of being equal parts piety. >> who baptized you? >> travis. >> and per version, pushing here in degrading sex acts. >> i understand how it might be but it is important to share
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this with us. so if you you could, please, tell us what happened. >> jody says she went along with travis because she loved him and he didn't consider it to be a violation of church doctrine. >> it just seemed like he sort of had like the bill clinton version where over here it seemed like, you know, oral and anal sex were also sex to me but not for him. >> jodi told the jury this week she felt like a prostitute in her relation shell witship wit. >> conversation first or immediately lead to kissing. >> no, we had some conversations over the phone on the way there and when i areeved it was physical right away he. >> often making fun of her. >> what would he say to you? >> he called me a is skank.
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>> did mr. alexander call you other names besides skank in a joking manner? >> yes. >> what were they? >> he called me polyanna. he called me porn star. >> geraldo: and forcing her to do things she wasn't comfortable with including one scene immediately following her 2007 baptism. >> what happened? >> his hands were wandering and he lifted up my skirt and he pulled down my underwear and he was pressing against me. he unzipped his pants and i guess people didn't see but he -- he began to have anal sex with me. >> after this encounter on this
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spiritual day, how did you feel about yourself? >> after he left shortly after he left i felt -- i didn't feel very good. kind of felt like a used piece of toilet paper. >> geraldo: stacey hanowitz is a veteran prosecutor who watched the state, florida, lose the casey anthony murder trial. stacey, i don't see how this jury in arizona will ever vote to execute jodi arias. i think that they will get her for murder two or manslaughter, but i think the state overcharged in trying to go for capital murder. what do you think? >> well, certainly you said that in casey anthony and certainly we disagreed and you were wrong with -- i mean i was wrong with what the verdict was. in this case i think it is a complete murder one and i think they could seek the death penalty and i think she will get it. some factors in this case. she took the gun a week before.
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premeditated this. he was stobbed 29 times. shot in the face in cold blood. i don't think they were overcharged. i don't think the idea of her talking about her is sex life is isn't doing her any good. it is the idea that the judge because it is a death penalty case needs to let her get into the whole life story. he can't limit the defense because the state is seeking the death penalty. >> geraldo: i think that, first of all, the pretty woman aspect of the defense. i think that, you know, attractive defendants generally get treated a little better by juries at least as far as my experience goes and secondly portray travis alexander as a pervert, it is not a big jump from per version to, you know, to aggression. i think she may have saved her life. >> well, that is where i think you are 100% wrong. i hate to say that to you but the idea that someone is a pervert or calls somebody names you cannot make the leap that now she kille kill him in
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self-defense. you will never hear an instruction from the judge says if somebody calls you names you have a right to go and slit their throat from ear to ear and kill them and stab them 29 times. so while she might have felt degraded, while she might have felt like a lot of women across the world feel it doesn't give her a right to go ahead and kill. can you imagine, geraldo, if many women said i felt degraded or he called me names we would have no men left in this world i hate to say it because it goes on all the time. >> geraldo: true, but you have a situation here where you could argue this slight defendant why did she stab him 29 times and hoo shoot him in e throat or hit him in the head. because she feared if she didn't complete the job -- i can see the closing argument by the defense attorney right now.
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>> germany, you have to remember one thing. he did not have a -- geraldo, you have is to remember one thing. he wasn't jim jones. it wasn't a cult. she went to him. many times she could have left. she could have walked away. this is not the type of situation where she had to feel trapped or where he held the gun to her head. it was quite the opposite. she held the gun to his head. the idea that she felt like she couldn't believe holds no water and i think the prosecution by holding up and quite frankly i think the prosecution doesn't even have a long cross-examination. were you hit. was he violent with you. did he do anything to you. her answer no, no, no, is going to be enough. holding up the foe toes will be enough to say she stalked him and she was in love with him and she wanted to be with him and he wanted to be he with others and that is hi-ho! killewhy she killed him in premeditation and in cold blood. >> so far i'm one and you are zero. i still say no capital murder for jodi arias.
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thank you very much for being with us. >> thanks. >> geraldo: up next, a man hunt unlike any other in l.a. history. one of the largest ever in the united states. one in which cops are both the hunter and the hunted.
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10:25 pm
files this report. >> reporter: christopher dorner has bought us the media and also the authorities to here, bear mountain of big bear lake. the story starts 100 miles west from here back in los angeles where he was an officer with the l.a.p.d., geraldo. he was dismissed from the force in 2008 for making false statements against a female colleague. apparently he was bitter from the day he was fired. he appears to have spent much of his time force plotting his revenge. on sound he shot dead a couple in a garage at their couple in irvine. the woman was a daughter of a retired police captain that represented dorner in the disciplinary action that led to his firing. it appears he blamed him for that. he posted a ranting manifesto in by which he vowed revenge against officers and their families putting officers on high alert.
10:26 pm
he went on a rampage with an assault rifle in southern, california. one police officer killed and a second seriously wounded. from the shooting spree, geraldo, they say dorner fled to these mountains here. bear mountain going up to 9,000 feet in southern, california. he hasn't been seen for three whole days. yet another dramatic chapter in the story are of christopher dorner. he fled the scene in his truck which was discovered on fire on this mountainside 100 miles east of los angeles. the san bernardino county sheriff's department dispatch the s.w.a.t. teams and sniffer dogs across the range where a savege snowstorm made conditions almost impossible to search the 8 square mile area they believe he may still be in. there were footprints leading away from the scene but the authorities lost the trail and nothing has been seen of him since. christopher dorner a deeply conflicted man who vanished into the frozen wilderness. geraldo? >> geraldo: thank you very
10:27 pm
much. bo joins me here in central park. if he is on foot, 9,000 feet, i think they will find his frozen body up there. >> it is cold. the think you have to think about broken axel that could be the key because that was not planned and he set the truck on fire because he couldn't drive it. now, the plan b went in diseffect so he is doing something that he wasn't going to plan on. i would think that possibly he is up there and three days nothing has happen because if this guy is going down with his glory there we haven't heard. he is a narcissist and the stories being shown about him. he killed three people. he shot at cops and when you shoot at a cop like that. they are coming up and they had is six officers there that shot up a car.
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from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. the pentagon affirming its commitment to protecting the u.s. from the threat of a ballistic missile attack amid new doubts about whether a multibillion dollars missile defense system in europe can serve its purpose of protecting the u.s. from iranian missile
10:32 pm
is. military officials say they can overcome them. much of asia ringing in the lunar new year. in china the arrival of the year of the snake taking over from the year of the trackon. beijing scaling back its fireworks display giving appeals to keep air pollution to a men number. the holiday consider ared to be one of the largest mass human migrations on earth with an estimated 2 million people traveling to be with family. for all the latest headlines log on to fox news .com. you're watching the most powerful name in news, fewness channel. large." >> geraldo: this is a fox news weather alert. at least five deaths blamed on the wicked snowstorm that pounded the northeast over the last 6 hours. here is is dan bowens from hardhat fairfield, connecticut.
10:33 pm
>> gretchen: we are 45 miles northeast of new york city. in the state, some 36,000 people still without electricity and may be another 24 hours before that service is is restored. one reason -- it is still slow going on many of the roadways. take a look behind me here. route one. you can see even though this road has been plowed it is still slow going. a layer of snow there. as much as three feet of snow has fallen in connecticut where we are in fairfield we are right around 22-inches just shy of two feet. this storm has not just been dangerous but also deadly. at least four people lost their lives including one woman an elderly woman who was plowing her front lawn when she was struck by a hit-and-run driver. all throughout the area several streets that have been unplowed, untouched. there are people there who are trying to get out of their driveways but they are unable to. even if they can, they can't drive down the roads. we are being told that it could be until at least sunday before some of these areas are plowed and some of the municipalities
10:34 pm
are able to get to them. through it all we heard some stories of courage. some stories of heroics from the municipalities including in the city of norwalk where a woman was at her house unable to get to a hospital. but a crew who was stationed at the plowed the way for an ambulance to get to her. the woman was able to get to the hospital where she delivered her baby. we are told that mom and the baby are doing just fine. from fairfield, connecticut, now back to you. >> geraldo: dan, thanks. you were on the long island troy and there was nothing and then you hit the blizzard. >> exit 53 right after nassau county. suffolk county it was not done. no plows through there. our friend mayor bloomberg should have sent some of the great new york city sanitation guys to open up the long island expressway. a main artery. that should have been cleared. >> geraldo: 200 cars. >> 200 cars struck there. no plows at all. that is inexcusable.
10:35 pm
>> geraldo: people spent the night there, many of them. tomorrow night is one hollywood's biggest parties. the 55th annual grammy awards and with the rogue cop, the renegade still on the loose, security will be extra tight there. our alisa acuna is live at la. d headquarters. i imagine the security in the building you are in right now must be intense. >> security very intense here in downtown los angeles and the los angeles police chief ordered the reopening of the proceedings that led to the firing of christopher dorner in 2008 and that firing passing you know, geraldo is, is what dorner himself say is led him to seek a violent revenge on police and families. cops say the killings of three people this past week are the result of that vengeance. you are looking at video obtained of dorner in 2005 when was going through training at the police academy.
10:36 pm
here is l.a.p.d. captain andrew smith on why they are revisiting his firing. >> he is not opening it because of the accusations or because of the musings of someone who is a multiple murderer. he wants to ensure that the public knows that the los angeles police department is fair and transparent and wants to go through everything and have a fresh set of eyes look at the entire investigation now. >> and irvine police served a search warrant last night at a storage locker used by dorner. no word yet exactly what was collected, however. and because dorner has had flight training the department of homeland security and the tsa is warning aircraft and airport owners to consider their own security at this point. flight crews are also being told to remain vigilant. meantime, a touching tribute to victim monica kwan, the daughter of the lapd veteran who defended dorner during the tribunal that led to his dismissal.
10:37 pm
she worked as an assistant coach for the cal state women's basketball team. players wore warm-up jerseys that read "motivation" on the front and it it is the courage to continue on the back. and there was a moment of silence before the game. >> geraldo: thank you very much. the fox news footage of this guy training there is no doubt he is a formidable character. i want bo dietl with me here in central park and rod wheeler in d.c. to tell me how they feel about the manifesto. and despite the brutality of his crimes this has opened old wounds no doubt about it, you can't deny it between the lapd and the plaqu black community. doesn't that distress you that people give creedence to his allegations and maybe paying as much attention to the allegations of racism and corruption as they are to the hideous murders this guy
10:38 pm
committed, rod. >> i agree, geraldo. let's face it, the l.a. police department had some what of a questionable history when it comes to race relations. let's be fair about this. they have come a long way. are they a perfect police department, no. but they have made a lot of progress. and i don't think it is fair for this guy just because he has grievances, geraldo, to start taking out his griefances and hostility against innocent people. that is totally unfair. >> geraldo: you know, well, rod, you first and then i will ask bo the same question. it is not, you know, that he is making this justification in his own is sick mind for his murder including killing the daughter of the guy that represented him for god sakes. it is also the fact -- i have a radio talk show as i hope you know. on talk radio 790 my l.a. affiliate we were flooded with calls from the black community saying you know something, dorner was right, he is right, the lapd is this and that. i was shocked by how people are saying it is like rodney king
10:39 pm
happened yesterday, rod wheeler. >> let me tell you though, geraldo, let's face it police departments across the country, even here in washington, d.c. we have is a history are of racism and problems within the police department. nobody is denying that. we have come a long way. we have a long way to go. but the way to solve these issues, geraldo is, not to go out and shoot innocent people. people is such as this young girl. this 28-year-old girl that had nothing to do with this. and i totally believe that the way that mr. dorner has decided to handle this matter is totally unfortunate. >> geraldo: he is a savege killing dog. i hope he freezes to death up there on that mountain. bo, you read this manifesto and hear all of the pop cultural references. it is like he is a reviewer. >> he is an out and out murder are. he killed one of ours. on top of it, he was depressed. depressed people do desperate things. he lost his job as a cop. they didn't promote him in the
10:40 pm
service. he was in the reserves. he is sitting home and just frustrated there. he is deforested and that depression bills up and i think that is what we are seeing right now. a real depress the guy who was a desperate guy. they got to whack him before he whacks anybody else and that is the end of the story because this guy is going to go out in a blaze of glory. i'm just hoping that you are right and they find him up there in the snow bank frozen with the gun froze ton his head maybe. that could be the best thing that could happen. >> geraldo: why take on the >> that to me, he is angry at the lawyer that defended him in the trial in the department trial and he struck out against them. he is striking out against everything. then when you read the manifesto. he is all over the board. he likes hangover and this and likes george bush and likes this. he is so all over the board. a demeanted person who is so depressed. he was up there. he was a cop. he was this guy in the service. it was all taken away and now he is a nobody.
10:41 pm
they wouldn't promote him because he found hot that he got thrown off of the police department. all pumped up. depression. desperate people do desperate things. depression will cause almost anything. >> geraldo: we mentioned the fact that he is not just an ex-cop. also a military veteran. have to ask the question did he come home damaged in some way? we will certainly ponder that. the texas man who killed the american sniper that guy certainly came home damaged. that's next. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality.
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>> doug: ed renegade ex-cop christopher dorner was also in the navy, a lieutenant. we know he complained bit early that when came home from his deployment in the middle east that he needed retraining. even broke down at one point crying in his patrol car. so the question is we'll never know if dorner's service in the middle east contributed to his insane rage. we do know, though, that the man who killed the american sniper in texas, he was a veteran suffering severely from post traumatic stress. here is craig in texas. >> after surviving four tours of combat, chris kyle the american icon and hero returned here to his native texas committed to helping combat veterans adjust to civilian life by bringing them to a
10:46 pm
familiar environment, like the shooting range like this one. but last saturday, when brought former marine 25-year-old eddie ray roth to a shooting range he turned his weapon on kyle. >> three men arrived at the lodge around 3:15 p.m. on the day of the murder. around 5:00 p.m. a hunting guide that works for rough creek came across the two men, they were unresponsive, apparent gunshot wounds. >> kyle moved back to texas to be with his family after leaving the navy seals in 2009. he became famous following his best selling book american sniper where he describes his 50 confirmed kill. appearing on the o'reilly factor. >> so you were committed to killing these people because you in your heart believed that they deserved to die? >> i wasn't so much committed to killing them as i was committed to making sure every
10:47 pm
service member that was over there, whether american or allied came home. >> kyle paired with a terrorist foundation, a nonprofit providing life coaching to in need veterans. his friend and instructor are 35-year-old chad littlefield was also gunned down. the erath county sheriff, tommy bryant. >> the suspect eddie roth left the scene in chris kyle's vehicle, a black pickup truck. and his first stop was from what we understand was at his sister's home. >> my brother just came by here [ bleep ] and he has now left. he told me that he has committed a murder. >> okay. hold on. >> describe some of the things that were said on that 911 call. >> she called 911 and said that her brother told her that he had just killed two men and that he apparently said that he traded his soul for a new truck. >> he said that he killed two guys.
10:48 pm
he went out to a shooting range and he is all crazy. he's [ bleep ]. i don't know if he is on drugs or not. >> it was just for the car, jealouscy, rage? all of the above. >> possibly all of the above. >> ruth claims his client was being treated for mental illness at the v.a. hospital in dallas as recently as last week and released against his family's wishes two days before the murders. bill davidson is an instructor and runs the shooting range in nearby texas where kyle often brought vets to shoot but not where the murders oh consider. >> what are your thoughts on bringing veterans to shooting ranges? what is the point? >> f. you have been shooting your life and someone says you are not allowed to. we have over 500 members here and over half are ex-military. >> do you have the thought what if i hand the weapon to the person what if he uses it on
10:49 pm
me? >> not so far. we have four or five safety officers on the range at any one time. two guys with just one person for instruction. they were doing everything right. it was just one of those bad things that happens. >> like christopher dorner the ex-l.a. cop on the loose and on a murderous rampage, a troubled veteran's potential for deadly violence is often unknown until it is too late. eddie ray ruth now sitting in jail facing capital murder charges is still causing problems for the erath county sheriff. >> on one occasion he became aggressive and came at the jail staff so he had to be tased. >> he has been violent? >> at least on one occasion. >> on monday, military officials and law enforcement are expect to the be among thousands paying tribute to chris kyle here at cowboys stadium in arlington, texas. meantime, the manhunt for christopher dorner is going on
10:50 pm
in nevada, california and arizona. geraldo, back to you. >> geraldo: craig, thanks. on another case, folks that we have been following, family and friends of trayvon martin, of course, the young florida man shot and killed almost a year ago mark what would have been his 18 birthday today with what they called a peace walk in miami. the actor jamie foxx among those who attended. when we come back, the brother of george zimmerman, the man accused of murdering trayvon joins us to comment on the fact that the case, the murder case is now fast tracked for trial. that is right after this. so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
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the purpose is to let people know the community, the teenagers know they have a
10:54 pm
right to walk in peace. they have a right to walk without anybody following them. a right to walk without anybody causing any harm to them or killing them. >> geraldo: that is sabrina fulton whose son trayvon martin was shot and killed last year. on february 26 that is when it happened. that will be the one year anniversary. seems so much longer ago in some ways. happened, of course, in sanford, florida. i said that today was trayvon's 18th. it was four days ago but today they commemorated it with the peace march in which sabrina fulton and jamie foxx and others spoke. the is second-degree murder case, case that for months rivetted the nation's attention is scheduled for trial this june. to find out how he feels about the defendant george zimmerman's chances we have have invited his older brother robert back to the program to spend some time with us this evening. robert, welcome. so i just want to ask you this. kind of off the topic but do you think that the current gun
10:55 pm
debate that is going on in the country does it help or hurt george in your opinion, robert? >> hi, geraldo, thanks for having me back on. i think that talking about guns and gun laws generally helps as long as we keep in mind the context that we are applying in particular this case and this situation. it certainly started a gun debate in florida and it started people kind of becoming aware of this notion of the stand your ground laws that we have in this country and what their implications are. i think any awareness helps. people who carry a gun in order to defend themselves need to be aware of what could potentially happen in a situation where they are are are forced to defend themselves. >> geraldo: mark oh mara your brother's attorney, a fine attorney, tried hard to get the judge to postpone the trial but the judge refused. so it is going as i mentioned on the fast track in june. how do you feel? how does the defense team feel?
10:56 pm
will they be ready with the trial now at just a few months away? >> i think that there are -- the defense is kind inform a recalculating posture right now. clearly the premises that were enumber rated in the motion presented truly do exist and you can't just pretend they don't exist or wish them away. i think there was very compelling arguments made in the motion and mark presented very compelling arguments in court. sents -- our familyhe court's respects the court's decision. it is hard to see how to comply with the decision when mark is saying clearly he doesn't feel himself able to be ready in time to prepare a reasonable defense by june. >> geraldo: so is he appealing the motion. in i don't think so, robert? >> i don't know that an interlock torrey motion right now is the right way. the defense is looking into it.
10:57 pm
i think that perhaps the issue of having more time to prepare adequately for trial will have to be revisited in the future. >> geraldo: if he loses on appeal. i get it. i want to ask you and i will bring in bo dietl to also give us h his opinion. robert, how does your brother george, i know you can't speak for him but the fact that come out here, bo. the fact that it is almost as if and again i don't speak with great presix an suggs and i doo generalize. i think you can argue that black people and minority people feel one way and think your brother is guilty and many white people, i hate to put a racial tone on it, feel that your brother is innocent. how do you feel there seems to be racial sides chosen in the murder case, robert? >> that is a question i get a lot and i feel saddened by it. this is black history month and
10:58 pm
the reality is that we want people to know that black skin color or african american race these are not the enemy. there is nothing about anybody's race that causes them to be the enemy or quote the other side in our minds. what was enemy was was a misinformation cam ain. a narrative originated by a scheme team and attorneys and a p.r. man went out and spun a story to their satisfaction and sold it taking from the movie argo when you want to sell a lie, have the media sell it for you. >> geraldo: let me he give bo 30 seconds than. >> due process. there was an alter kateion. we have two block officers that were killed in 2003 in state b. they can't make a race card out of it. that is the problem with every one of these cases. something happened there where two men were in an alte alterc. forget about the race card stuff every time something happens black and white.
10:59 pm
>> robert thanks for being with us. >> say safe out there. >> thank you very much for watching. watching. in ameri today we're running out of a vital resource we need to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's is ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪


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